Village Green Gazebo
Carver Village Green
Built - 1999

The town of Carver is located in southeastern Massachusetts about 38 miles from Boston and within an area that is the site of three rivers, brooks, ponds and sizeable swamps. In that the town had large cedar and pine trees and such an abundance of water power, many sawmills were located within the town limits. Also when iron ore ws discovered in teh region, iron foundries were built as well. Cranberries were also harvested in abundance in Carver and in the 1940s, the town boasted more cranberries produced than any other town in the world and today Carver's cranberry bogs are still an important staple of the town.
Carver built their bandstand in 1999 with the help of students from the Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical School with dedication ceremonies held shortly after its completion on Memorial Day. The total cost of the structure was $35,000 donated by the Industrial Development Committee in the town with the project overseen by Mr. Gerry Farguharson who managed the project by the Village Green Ad Hoc Committee from start to finish. The beautiful new bandstand in the town's lush flowering Village Green, has hosted concerts and many photo opportunities during prom time, weddings and other events.
Gerry Farguharson, Superintendent
Buildings and Grounds Department

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