Kate Gould Park
Built - 1952

One of the oldest townships on Cape Cod is Chatham, settled in 1656 by a handful of Pilgrims. The citizens of the town are very proud of their heritage and also extremely proud of their beloved bandstand that has stood in Kate Gould Park since built in 1952. Since Chatham has its cool summer and relatively mild winters with the town itself having a very unique and old fashioned look, many vacationers flock to the area every year. Due to the town's great popularity, the need for a bandstand was a must after the first structure had been demolished.
Chatham's concerts have drawn thousands throughout the summer band concerts by their own Chatham Band. Every Friday evening from July 3rd to September 4th, you will find as many as 6,000 people attending these wonderful concerts with many musical numbers performed including folk dances for the children, dance numbers for grown-ups and popular sing-alongs. The Chatham Band even has their own theme song:
"It's Band time in Chatham
With a show to hear and see
For band time is a grand time
Tis the open door of opportunity
To have fun in Chatham
Here on Cape Cod's "Elbow Land"
So let the band play a happy tune
And come along to the Chatham Band"
Not only does the bandstand provide a marvelous location for the throngs of people, but many couples have tied the knot on the bandstand and in the park.
Not much information is available on the cost and building of the bandstand after almost 40 years now but the maintenance of the structure is financed solely by the town and kept in perfect condition since it not only serves a very important function to the community, but is also a landmark in the area and has been included in a number of movies in the past.
Daniel Tobin, Director
Parks and Recreation Department

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