The Bisceglia Bandstand
Carter Park
Built - 1983

The city of Leominster boasts being the pioneer plastic city of the world since there are over 150 industries within the city limits that are devoted mostly to plastics and other diversified products. Leominster is also the gateway to the scenic Mohawk Trail and is a typical small American city with many different groups of residents with their cultural backgrounds but whose common focus is on its continued community spirit and enthusiasm. The entire area is very rich in American history and folklore. Many famous people resided in Leominster including James Gordon Carter the "Father of the Massachusetts Public School System" and John Chapman, better known as "Johnny Appleseed," who, according to the great poet Vachal Lindsay, made the West a fruitful land.
The community has a bandstand in their Carter Park, The Bisceglia Bandstand, so named after Gaspare Bisceglia who was the conductor and founded the famous Leominster Colonial Band in 1910. The building of the structure began in 1983 and was dedicated a year later on July 17, 1984. Leominster did have a previous bandstand which was demolished at the turn of the century. Thus after many years without a structure, the city council decided to build this replacement for the continued existing Leominster Colonial Band to play on and for other cultural events as approved by the Council.
$10,677 was the total figure to build the bandstand by the L. Russon Construction Company and the investment by the city has paid off many times since theresidents hold their bandstand and summer concerts very close to their hears and are proud of their 100 year old band.
The bandstand is very sufficient in size and has an oak finial roof peak which had to be built on the ground then hoisted onto supporting columns with a crane which was a difficult and tedious task due to its peak and height which could have easily snapped if not positioned properly.
The bandstand is quite a picturesque structure and has been used on many occasions for wedding ceremonies and pictures along with many community events and summer programs by the Leominster Recreation Department.

Chet Carter, member
City of Leominster Historical Commission

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