Kiwanis Park
Built - 1989

Dover-Foxcroft is the "shire" town or county seat of the Piscataquis County located in the middle of the state of Maine. It is also the county's largest town. It was originally two separate towns that were consisted of Dover & Foxcroft that were separated by the Piscatquis River but in 1922 the two merged into a single town.
Construction of the town's cantilevered designed bandstand was started on May 9th of 1989 by the Charleston Correctional Facility Building and Trades students which involved the teacher, Thomas Sands, and 6 unskilled students that learned a modified timber framing technique. These 6 studentw were raw recruits and a lot of instruction time was put into the project. Each one learned not only construction techniques but also safe work habits and tool use. The sense of pride upon completion, and their dedication in such an accomplishment, showed that it was a self-esteem builder for all.
At that time, a playground was being built so the town decided to erect this bandstand to bring people to Kiwanis Park. In 1989 there was also a State wide initiative caled "Maine Street 90" which involved the beautifying of Maine towns.
The funding of the bandstand came from Kiwanis fund raisers such as auctions and other events put on by members. At that time, it was decided the structure's design allow for an open floor space to accommodate a band or other performances without any obstruction. The only problems in the phases of operations were the heavy green hemlock 8x8s. They were a challenge to put into place because of their weight and size all done by hand.
Thomas Sands - Industry Mgr for CCF
Sheila Bragg - Deputy Town Clerk

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