Sherman Green Gazebo
Sherman Green
Built - 1984

Fairfield's original name was Unquowa given by Native Americans who lived in the marshy area that bordered the coast of Connecticut. The land was quite fertile for farming and the marshlands provided a plentiful supply of feed for the livestock once the founder of the colony of Connecticut, Roger Ludlow, settled in the area. The Indian nation in the area soon dwindled, after contact with these Europeans, due to diseases brought and battles fought with these new land owners. The town prospered and grew and the residents became caught up in the Revolutionary War crisis since constant battles were being fought not too far away across Long Island Sound.
Fairfield remained a quiet agricultural town until the railroad cem in and nearby Bridgeport became the center of a large munitions industry during World War 1 which prompted many homes to be built in the town when workers in the factory wished to live in the small town and outside the noisy city. Thankfully, the town today still maintains a New England look and feel about it.
Fairfield's Sherman Green Gazebo was built on the spacious Sherman Green in 1984 and was modeled after a gazebo in Sefton Park in Liverpool England. It is the first bandstand in the town's long history and through the help of many volunteers and materials, the structure was completed for the enjoyment of concerts and activities the community has. Not only do concerts, weddings, Santa's visits, Halloween parades, craft fairs, etc. take place each year on or around the bandstand but also many other numerous activities.
Kenneth Dalling, Concert Coordinator

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