Gardner Community Bandstand
Gardner Common
Built - 1991

Called the "Furniture City of New England," Gardner boasts being the center of global furniture manufacturing and distribution with many of its older factories still in operation. Also once a world record, "The Big Chair" still proudly sits on Elm Street - a huge and magnificent testimonial to Gardner's vibrant furniture business.
So the residents of Gardner suggest you bring one of their factory hand-made chairs, or your own, to Gardner Commons during the summer months of July and August and enjoy the Gardner Community Band's performances and other local groups play favorite standards of Irish, Polish, German, Jazz, Country and Big Band music.
The Gardner Community Bandstand's construction began in 1990 by a group of volunteers after the goal from community donations was met with the bandstand dedicated and ready for use in the summer of 1991. The concept of the city of Gardner having a bandstand in their park was whole-heartedly welcomed by the citizens of the community since they already had this common area available and now a large group of families and individuals would be able to enjoy it and summer concerts.
The very unique design of the structure was conceived by the city's local architect - George Patriquina, and includes 4 columns, a slightly curved back and slanted roof and is a perfect situation for performers on stage, especially if inclement weather dampens the day. The background of the bandstand is a large blue and white mural of sky and clouds painted by local artist, Mark Lore. The structure is perfectly situated at the bottom of the sloping hill of the park so all can easily see the stage before them. Also the park is just outside of downtown Gardner for easy accessibility and overlooks the former Heywood Wakefield Company now a housing complex.
The Gardner Community Bandstand is the first one on this very old city's common area and to the best of knowledge is the very first one the community has had.

David J. Kelley, Mayor

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