Town Hall Grounds
Built - 1987

Great Barrington is located in southwestern Massachusetts in the Berkshire Mountain range. The town still maintains its small town charm and character while serving as a commercial hub of the area. Great Barrington has a fine array of restaurants which is the mainstay of the town's tourist industry. It also has quite a past history being the first of the organized resistance to British rule in the colonies. It is also the birthplace of scholar and political leader - W. E. B. DuBois - the founder of the NAACP and also the home of inventor William Stanley who introduced electric streetlights.
In 1985 at a town meeting, the idea of building a bandstand on the lawn of the town hall where many years prior another bandstand stood, was adopted. The funding for the structure was then raised through private donations and became a widespread community effort.
After more than a year of concentrated efforts of its citizens, the dream of the bandstand came to fruition when construction started. The new bandstand was completed hours before the opening concert on July 5, 1987. Prior to that, at a town meeting in May of the same year, a bandstand committee was appointed to make arrangements for concerts starting in July. A committee member, Mr. Robert Salzman, who was also a teacher and musician, was given the task of producing a volunteer town band.
The opening concert was marked by the playing of the bandstand's theme song, "Way Back When Is Back Again." This song was a contribution of two renowned songwriters, Aaron Schroeder and David Grover. A total of 17 concerts were held that year.
The inscription near the bandstand reads: "This bandstand dedicated July 5, 1987 through the financial and moral support of the residents of the town of Great Barrington and its neighbors." Special recognition to the memory of Hilda Freilich Reiskin.

Helen, Board of Selectmen's Office

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