Patten Memorial Park
Built - 1993

Hamilton is known for its New England charm and the beauty of its surroundings. Originally the town was known to be part of Ipswich then called Agawam after the Indian tribe who lived within its area. In 1793 another name change to Hamilton after its then nickname "Hamlet." Small mills were established in the area but agriculture provided its main industry.
In 1839, a revival in religious interest took place and the town began to see the arrival of many visitors who came to attend services at Asbury Grove, a Methodist meeting site in the town which is now believed to be the oldest continuous religious camp meeting ground in the country.
General George S. Patton Jr. is one of Hamilton's most famous past citizens as well as a World War II hero and military genius. General George S. Patton Memorial Park was a gift of 15.4 acres given to the town by the Myopia Hunt Club. Originally the plot of land was going to be called Veterans Memorial Park but in 1946 it was decided to name the park after General Patton to honor our country's hero.
Very little information is available on the bandstand built in Patton Memorial Park. Allof the information that is available is that it was built in 1993 to celebrate the town's Bicentennial and to provide a lasting memorial for the benefit of the people of the town.

Lisa LeJeune, Head Reference Librarian
Hamilton-Wenham Library

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