Library Park
Built - 1998

The town of Hudson is located in southern New Hampshire and started out as once being a bedroom community but now has developed into a thriving industrial and commercial center since it has become even more easily accessible by critical highways in the area. At one time when first settled, the original citizens had difficulty in attending worship services in nearby Dunstable since there was no bridge in place to cross the Merrimack River so they decided to petition to have their separate town established and build their own place of worship which was so very important to them.
Hudson's first bandstand was built in Library Park in 1998 by highway department employees to beautify the park and provide this bandstand for the community through volunteer donations. The structure is similar to a large gazebo but has an interesting solid copper "trolley" weathervane crowning it which symbolizes the town being a former trolley stop in the early 1900s.
The bandstand has been used extensively since it was built and was dedicated on September 27th, 1998 having a number of bands playing on it including the headliner Hudson Police "Justice" Band playing on it. It has also been a major platform for Santa Clauss visits every year, Memorial Day services and has had a number of dignitaries and politicians speak on it including Senator Robert Smith and Congressman Charles Bass.

Steve Malizia, Town Administrator

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