Built - c. 1910

Jefferson, Maine is located in the southereastern part of the state in Lincoln County. The town was incorporated on February 24th of 1807 when Thomas Jefferson was the President thus the town name was chosen. Granite quarries and clay banks where bricks were made established the town's early economic growth and chief employer.
The Musquash Pond Preserve is located within the town limits where extensive freshwater wetlands drain into three ponds for ideal fishing.
Jefferson's 12 1/2' across bandstand was built in 1910 and is located in a large plot of land near the town office and Rte #126. The bandstand had previously been located at Haskell Mountain and set up near the fire tower in the 1930s when the Junction of Rte #126 and Valley Road was widened and was thus saved from destruction by Mr. Forrest Bond even though the structure was badly neglected and frequently vandalized. Here it remained unused for many years while at this location. Between its being built in 1910 and until 1918, the bandstand was evidently used quite a bit by the Jefferson Town Band which was organized in 1907 then disbanded in 1918.
In 1985, the local historical society, led by Philip Peaslee, the bandstand was moved once again to its now present site. At that time, wooden beams were propped in the center to provide support with boulders moved, branches sawed apart, and potholes filled for the move navigating down the narrow dirt road and finally erected in this large lot of land.
Today the bandstand hosts occasional concerts during the summer months and is also used for weddings and other photo opportunities. During the Christmas season, the bandstand is gaily decorated and is lit up in the evening by floodlights.
"Lest We Forget" - Barbara Merrill Fox, author

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