Breezemere Park
Lincolnville Center
Built - 2003

Lincolnville is a small town on the Maine coastline between Camden Hills and the Penobscot Bay. The town's history is very rich with farming as well as seafaring traditions. The town has beautiful falls to enjoy, especially during the summer months along with fishing in brooks in the area, or mountain biking. During the winter months, there are many wonderful cross country ski trails so there is something for everyone.
For quieter events the concerts at Breezemere Park, on the banks of Norton's Pond, is a sure bet on their large bandstand structure that was built in 2003 by Oliver Builders in the area for Lincolnville's bi-centennial. The Lincolnville Band took on the project of the construction of the structure through donations and was able to raise the necessary $40,000. The band has since provided entertainment and support for all community projects as the organization has done since 1870.

Doris Reed, Deputy Town Clerk

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