The Spirit of Ludlow
Built - 1985

The town of Ludlow was formed in 1868 and soon after became a home for many sawmills and gristmills which utilized the power from several sources of water nearby including the Chicopee River, Broad Brook, Higher Brook and Stony Brook. The town is most noted, however, for its factory mills that produced jute yarns, twine and webbing. In the early 1800s, the glass-making business was prevalent with a John Sikes manufacturing glass bottles and other glassware and the town became known as the "Iron Duke." The famous resident Maura West of "As the World Turns" won the award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series at the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles in 2007.
The "Spirit of Ludlow" was built in June of 1985 at a total cost of $15,000 with the first 1/2 from town funds and the other 1/2 from grants. It was designed by Ludlow's own "crack" engineering department. The "Spirit of Ludlow's" title immediately befit the new bandstand because, initially, the town had used up most of its budget for the materials and could not afford labor costs. Thus a call was put out to the community asking for volunteers to help with the construction of the bandstand and a resounding answer was made by 12 skilled townspeople and many other residents which numbered a total of 60 people and the bandstand thus went up quickly with all of this help - going up in one weekend.
The entire park which the bandstand sits, was also redesigned and rebuilt and the bandstand now serves as the focal point in the park and has been used on numerous occasions for town functions, special events, musical concerts, tree lighting ceremonies, weddings and photo opportunities. It also serves an important purpose during the town's Memorial Day parades and ceremonies. During those warm summer months, you will hear many different bands playing during the season which have turned into a very popular event and draws many people to the common.
Ron Morra, former Town Engineer
Debbie Gates, Recreation Clerk

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