The Rotunda
Tuck's Point
Built - 1896

Manchester's Tuck's Point plays host to "The Rotunda" which sits on part of a pier both built in 1896. The Rotunda was designed by E. A. Luscomb then built by a local construction firm, Roberts & Hoare. The Manchester Yacht Club, founded in 1892, was responsible for the building of the pier and rotunda after they had searched for land for a public park and picnic area. It was decided that a Dr. Bartol's property, which was connected to the north side of Tuck's Point Landing, would be secured as the picnic area. That particular parcel of land the town of Manchester had owned since 1733. Six acres of this land was secured as the yacht's club's picnic area.
Both the Hurricane of 1938 and the Blizzard of 1978 caused much damage to the pier and Yact Club, but the well-built rotunda withstood the storms and over 100 years of other severe New England weather. Its red roof continues to be a welcomed sight for sailors who enter the beautiful Manchester Harbor and provides shelter for those who wait on shore for the sailor's return now and for many past years.
The rotunda has obviously hosted many concerts and functions over the years but its use has waned since the town favors their Masconomo Park Bandstand which was built in 1924.
Beth Hurley, Administrative Assistant

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