South Common
Built - 1986

The south central town of Mansfield has had a quiet history with the most notable event happening being the Anti-Slavery Riot of 1836 when anti-slavery sentiment in Mansfield developed rapidly. The town has had various industries including the making of jewelry, soap, cotton, grist and irn mills established and in 1781, the most notable one being a casting shot and cannon manufacturing plant established which supplied the materials for the Continental Army during the American Revolution. The town also produced tacks, nails and basket making but the greatest and most important industrial venture for the town seems to be one involving the export of straw.
Mansfield's bandstand sits in the center of town in South Common which is a beautifully developed park encompassing property by Mansfield's town municipal buildings. The bandstand was built in 1986 by the town's Jaycees at an approximate cost of $2,500 replacing one the town had many years ago which, according to town pictures, was a large and high stand.
The bandstand has played host to many concerts, tree lighting ceremonies, Halloween parades and used as a playground for pre-school classes. Most recently, it was used as a stage to dedicate a time capsule for the new millennium. Local folk, brass and country groups have performed on the bandstand at one time or another and the park makes for a wonderful place of gathering for its citizens and visitors to the town for all to enjoy an afternoon or evening of music during the summer months.

Lorilee Fish - Parks & Recreation Director

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