The Gazebo at Ell Pond
Ell Pond
Built - 1970

Melrose is located approximately 7 miles due north of Boston and offers a desirable compromise between a large metropolis and small rural area which is predominantly residential. Its homes are mostly of a Victorian flavor with many dating back from the late 1800s. The city is proud it has maintained its downtown old-time flavor and its excellent public school ratings. Its cultural facilities are numerous and the old Melrose Symphony Orchestra excels. Ell Pond is a large feature in the center with parks and open spaces dispersed throughout.
The Gazebo at Ell Pond was built in the 1970s by the Melrose Victorian Society as a tribute to Gerry Nadel who was the founder of the society. The Victorian-style iron gazebo was transported to the site after the base had been constructed by Ainsley Donaldson. The maintenance of the structure has been kept up by the town with the base having to be repaired several times along with the iron being repainted with different colors.
The design of the gazebo was specifically created to fit in with the Victorian style of the city and is located in a small park along the banks of Ell Pond which is on the edge of the downtown area.
What qualifies this (gazebo) bandstand, in my opinion, is the fact that it has not only been used as an ornamental fixture but also has served as a place where holiday festivities, interfaith services, weddings and even hot air balloon rides have taken place on or about the structure.

Ainsley Donaldson & students
of Melrose High School

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