Milford Musicians Pavilion
Milford Town park
Built - 1995

The town of Milford is a thriving community conveniently located near many major highways in the state. The town is not only noted for developing excellent musicians and athletes but is also known worldwide for its unique pink granite which was discovered in the area in the 1870s and quarried for many years thereafter. The town's granite continues to grace the exteriors of many notable buildings including museums, government buildings, monuments and railroad stations in Boston, New York, Washington D. C. and Paris, France.
The town enjoys their annual events such as the Portugese Picnic, Firefighters' Family Day, Welcome Santa parades and many summer band concerts in their Milford Musicians Pavilion on the Town Park that was built in 1995 by the town of Milford through municipal funding.
Town of Milford, Town Hall

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