The Moultonboro Community Bandstand
Moultonboro Lions Club Grounds
Built - 1997

The first settlers to the town of Moultonboro came from Hampton who gave the town its name after its leader, Colonel Jonathan Moulton who was considered to be one of the richest men in the province at the start of the American Revolution. The town was chartered in 1763 and at the time was described as being near "Winnepisseoky Pond' - later named Lake Winnipausaukee.
The Moultonboro Community Bandstand was a project undertaken by the local Lions Club in June of 1996 when the base of the structure was poured on their property. A distinguishing characteristic of this new bandstand, once completed, was that it is 10-sided unlike the normal octagonal or square-shaped structures. The design of the bandstand was from a plan by Rudy Steinsky of Steinsky Enterprised of Moultonboro. All but one of the volunteer builders were Lions Club members who built and completed the wooden structure a year later in June of 1997.
The Lions Club contributed some $6,000 of its own money, but many people and businesses in the community donated other funds and materials for this project whose final cost exceeded $25,000. The new bandstand was then dedicated on July 4th of that year. It features paneled posts with sawn brackets, a tall pitched roof of tens ides with a finial and a frieze of balusters.
Each year the town of Moultonboro sponsors a summertime series of concerts on the bandstand which draws large crowds to the spacious grounds with the Lions Club continuing to own and maintain the structure.

David Ruell, President
Ashland NH Historical Society

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