Willowbrook Section
Built - c. 1950

The town of Newfield is located 20 miles northwest of Sanford in York County and was settled in 1778 and incorporated in 1794 from what was called the Washington Plantation. The area is doeted with streams and ponds and is south of the Little Ossippee River.
Newfield's second bandstand was built in 1878 in Willowbrook which was conceived and built by Mr. D. F. King Sr. and is a reproductive community of the nineteenth century which has 37 structures in this fully restored village. There are 19th century crafts and trades displayed in the community.
The first bandstand in the heart of this community was built in 1878 through the efforts of the Citizens Band, an all-male brass band organized in 1876, who solicited funds and raised close to $100 to build the structure. The band presented its very first concert on their new bandstand on Saturday evening, May 18, 1878. In 1947, fire destroyed most of Newfield and also took this bandstand.
The town had another bandstand located at the Sandy Nook region and also burned in the early 1900s. The current bandstand is a reproduction of the original bandstand.

"Lest We Forget" - Barbara Merrill Fox, author

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