The Economu Bandstand
Newport Town Common
Built - 1986

Retaining the bestof its Yankee heritage, Newport shines as a community which has kept its rural New England charm in many restored buildings and community events including the summer-long Farmers' Markets, flea markets and craft fairs. Also in recent years, Newport has renovated and expanded its school, recreation and the town's library facilities and annually presents the Sarah Joseph A. S. Hale Medal to a New England author. This prestigious award was established in 1956 in honor of Sarah Joseph Hale, author of the children's poem "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and who also was quite instrumental in promoting Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Mrs. Hale was also born in Newport in 1788.
Among Newport's numerous parks is "The Jewel of the Municipal Crown." Newport's Town Common which is one of the largest in the state providing a huge area of space for its numerous activities year round and houses the town's bandstand which plays a very importatn part in many of these community functions.
The "Economu Bandstand" was built in 1986 by Nick Scalera who also built Sunapee's bandstand (and maybe also New London's) did so since he wished to leave something to the community building the structure at his home and assembling it on the common. The bandstand's $15,000 financing was made possible by a local resident John Economu whose name was affixed to the bandstand for his generous gift to the town.
Since dedicated in 1986, the bandstand has played host to many bands including the Newport Opera House Band, The American Band fro Claremont, The purly Gates Band, The New England Brass Quintet and Impulse, to name a few. Other special events have included high school graduation exercises, weddings and fund raisers.

Andra Thorpe, Library Director
Ken Dennis, Town Building Manager

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