Desert Shield & Desert Storm Memorial
Norton Common
Built - 1993

The town of Norton is located in Bristol County, Massachusetts and is the home of Wheaton College and the Tournament Players Club of Boston which is part of the PGA Tour. It was first settled in 1669 and was originally called North Taunton but later shortened to Norton upon its official establishment in 1710. Metacomet, the Wampanoag Indian Sachem, or also known as "King Phillip" is rumored to have hidden in a cave in the area near the end of King Phillip's War before meeting his death. Norton is small but is an ever-growing town.
Its bandstand is named the "Desert Shield & Desert Storm Memorial" built in 1993 on Norton Common. The town had one built before 1888 and sold in 1929 and transported away. The present bandstand structure was built by town volunteers by donations, in memory of men and women who served and gave their lives during the above two wars.
The bandstand is used only as a venue during holidays especially on Memorial Day but is not used for concerts due to the lack of parking in the area. However, the town does have another bandstand at Library Park which has ample parking there and is large enough for concerts.
George A. Yelle, Town Historian

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