Walter J. Dempsey Memorial Bandstand
Norwood Common
Built - 1993

The town of Norwood was officially formed in 1872 after it was one of 14 communities which were part of Dedham. The area was initially used as a hunting ground by the local Indians but farms and a new community with an immediate town government chased the Indians out. That all-important church was built in this new settlement to alleviate the arduous travel over miserable roads of the day.
Two generations later, the American Revolution came about and Norwood's defining moment in history came when Captain Aaron Guild of the area, "left his plough in furrow and oxen standing" to hasten to Lexington upon hearing of the clash that had ensued with the British that morning with Captain Guild being able to participate in the final stages of that famous battle.
Norwood transformed itself from an almost exclusive farming community to a mixed agricultural/industrial economy once the stage coach and later railroad came to the town. A furniture factory, ink mill, tannery and a foundry were established in the town with a resulting population explosion in the area due to all of these new jobs opening up during the 19th century.
The Walter J. Dempsey Memorial Bandstand was built and dedicated in 1993 in memory of a great citizen of Norwood, who always gave so much to the community in which he lived and loved. Many committee members and gracious volunteers donated their services as well as monetary contributions to build their bandstand which has been extensively used since its inception. The town common has been a fitting place for their bandstand which not only showcases the many talented individuals and groups who have graced the stage but also showcases the great town that Norwood is with its rich history.
Betty Kullich, Secretary to Town General Mgr

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