Leather City Common Bandstand
Leather City Common
Built - 1991

The abundant streams of Peabody catapulted the then town of Brooksby Village into a well-established community of tanning factories thus earning the later city of Peabody the title of the "Tanner City." The plaque in the now Leather City Common reads "This common is dedicated to the memory of those who labored in the leather industry to build a better world for themselves and for their children" and dedicated by the Mayor Peabody, Peter Torigian.
Two years prior, in 1991, the city had their bandstnad built to enhance their common area which the residents are so proud of and of their city with its rich history of tanning and of the many hard-working people in the community, then and now.
The bandstand is made of 5 iron posts which support the roof structure and features a decorative iron crest at the ridge of the roof. The structure was designed andbuilt by DeAngelis Iron Works of South Easton, Massachusetts and is the first one in the city's history. The bandstand has been used extensively each summer by local and military bands as wellas for the special "Kids Day" every September. Also the famous singer, Livingston Taylor, once held a concert from within the bandstand which drew a very large crowd to the common.
The Leather City Common Park and bandstand stands as the focal point of the downtown area of Peabody and has been well maintained and always improved through capital funds with the half-circle recently paved in front of the bandstand with memorial bricks laid to provide an even larger stage.

Vadijh Otto, Director of Community
Development and Planning Department

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