Hathorne Park
Built - c. 1920

Pittsfield lies forty miles north of Augusta, Maine, the state capital, and 33 miles south of Bangor in Central Maine. The town has long been known as a commercial and industrial center in the area from early mills to electronic and shoe industries and has been a town that always promoted jobs and a strong economy for mid-Maine. The early settlers, from the onset, had a very progressive attitude and had visions of growth that promoters and developers still have to this day.
The town enjoys its recreational programs and its lively concerts in Hathorn Park on their bandstand that was built in the 1920s. The structure was constructed then by the Stephen Davis Post #11 of GAR and later dedicated to William Griffin in 1987, who was a school principal, band member and early leader of the Pittsfield Community Band.
There was an original structure but it is unknown whether the existing bandstand has incorporated any remnants of the previous structure since any written documentation is gone after a fire ravaged many of Pittsfield's town records.
The bandstand has only seen limited use mostly as just a reviewing stand for the Egg Festival Parade with the park itself hosting many other activities. The bandstand, now more commonly called "The Gazebo" was renovated by Eagle Scouts during the early 1980s.
"Lest We Forget" - Barbara Merrill Fox, Author

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