Poland Spring Resort
Built - 1989

The southern Maine town of Poland is very well known as the area where the famous Poland Maine Spring water was discovered in 1797 on the site of the Poland Spring Hotel which opened soon after and was in business for over 150 years. The hotel expanded in size from those early days since the pure spring water was believed to have medicinal properties that would cure many ailments.
The Shakers settled in the area in 1819 on Range Hill, a mile from Poland Spring and increased their membership quite quickly and purchased much of the land on which the hotel was located. In 1859 the first commercial sale of Poland Spring water was produced for the public while the first barreling and bottling house was built in 1877.
Today Poland Spring Resort is a great draw to the small town and offers quite the entire vacation package including the luxury hotel, great golfing, tennis courts, and many outside activities as well as band concerts on their beautiful bandstand which was built on the grounds in 1989 and opened in 1990.
This structure was built by the resort's maintenance crew which included Lester Steven, William Stevens and Bonnie Whittier with its aim to play host to concerts and many weddings during the year scheduled on the resort's grounds and in the hotel.
The most important event to date was the bandstand's dedication ceremonies - dedicated to Ed Walsh who is a favorite hotel guest and had the governor in attendance and who was the key note speaker. Other events on or near the bandstand have been weddings, as stated, and 4th of July ceremonies.

Cyndi Robbins, President

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