Veterans Memorial Bandstand
Raymond Town Common
Built - 1976

Raymond's bandstand sits on the Town Common and has been there since the summer of 1976 when built by citizens of the town to celebrate our nation's bi-centennial year. The bandstand was financed through donations and materials and built by volunteer labor. The pouring of the foundation was done on July 1st and of which proved to be a time-consuming project. Many hours were given by a number of people before the onset of the building of the structure and after the foundation set. The main director, and worker, was Roger Pardis who was instrumental in the bandstand project.
Upon completion of the structure in September, no special dedication was held other than the Epsom Band having a concert on the newly-built bandstand. Years later, on July 4, 2002, there was, however, a re-dedication of the Veterans Memorial Bandstand and the placing of a plaque officially designating the bandstand as such with Senate President Arthur Klemm and State Senator John (Jack) Barnes Jr. doing the honors. Roger Paradis did the restoration work in 2002 and was recognized for his efforts.
Several bands have performed on the bandstand including NH's 39th Army Band and numerous others. The bandstand also serves as the focal point for Memorial Day exercises and 4th of July celebrations. It also serves as a performing venue for the bands and other activities during the annual Town Fair in July. Memorial services for 9/11 were held on September 1, 2002. But one of the most important events held to date was the celebration of the town's 225th anniversary in 1989 when the bandstand was used for a week-long celebration. Various New Hampshire governors, senators and congressmenh and other legislatures have been among the many VIPs speaking from its stage.

Sally Paradis, Member
Bandstand Restoration Committee, 2002

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