Sanbornton Square
Built - 1909

Sanbornton's Moulton's Band was founded in 1896 and now claims to be the oldest continuously playing band in the state of New Hampshire. As early as 1909, the band had planned on building their own bandstand near the Town Hall and Congregational Church in Sanbornton Square. The structure became a reality in that same year when it was finished and dedicated on August 19th and ceremoniously had a band concert and ice cream social to commemmorate the occasion.
Irving Tilton was the carpenter in charge who constructed the rather plain ocatgonal bandstand with its simple posts and railings. Evidently time and lack of funds was a contributing factor in the makeup of the structure but it still sits proudly after over 100 years and remains in use every summer. The bandstand has seen some changes over the years, the removal of the inside benches to accommodate the band and the installation of a ceiling to improve acoustics.
David Ruell, President
Ashland NH Historical Society

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