Robert Morrill Bandstand
Cole Parkway Parking Lot
Built - 1971

The old seacoast town of Scituate is located on a curve of the South Shore's coastline of Massachusetts and is a very picturesque sheltered harbor guarded by a 19th century lighthouse. The town's livelihood has thus been fishing since the 1630s and still finds a few contemporary fishermen docked here as well as many pleasure crafts since excellent mooring is provided for these vessels. The town's past is a very colorful one from Indian wars to heroic participation of some of its residents in the War of 1812. Scituate also was a shipbuilding town along its North River. It is one of the oldest towns in the New World originally settled in 1623 by the men of Kent, England who were seeking freedom from the intolerance of the Plymouth settlers.
The view of the harbor is a beautiful one and is full of activity all year round, especially during the summer months when many tourists come to stroll along its pier and enjoy the band concerts at the Robert Morrill Bandstand which is strategically placed right by the harbor and affords a wonderful atmosphere for summer concerts by the water. The bandstand was built in 1971 and was so dedicated in name of Mr. Robert Morrill who was a high school music director and also who directed band concerts on Friday evenings for many years.
At the town selectemen's request, the Scituate Beautification Committee consented to undertake the project of the building of the bandstand by some very skilled craftsmen in Vincent Mordini, John Rogers, Larry Conboy and Roland Rodrigues at an approximate cost of $3,000 proposed by a town meeting article. The bandstand was then dedicated on September 4, 1971 at the final band concert of the year with the Beautification Committee dedicating the structure to the local Satuit Band which had been established for 33 years at that time. The bandstand is the first for Scituate and has been used extensively since built by the Satuit Band, the Relish & Uphoria Band and Scituate Unplugged, with local celebrity Steve Chase. The bandstand has also been used as the focal point during Scituate's Heritage Days' activities which takes place around the first weekend in August and during 2000 played host to QVC - Home Shopping Network's broadcast live on national TV during the Heritage Days events. Needless to say, the view of the harbor from the bandstand is a magnificent one and is a very popular spot as a photo opportunity during weddings.
George Story, Supervisor
DPW - Scituate Grounds Division

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