Coburn Park
Built - 2000

Skowhegan's bandstand, built in 2000, is located in Coburn Park and is used as the home for the Coburn Park Concert
Series after the other older bandstand was deemed unfitting since it is located on a small plot of land nearby below a steep hill which was always an uncomfortable spot for audiences of summer concerts as well as for the musicians performing in the structure who roasted in the totally cement bandshell which emitted also somewhat muffled sounds during quiet parts of the concert programs.
This second bandstand was built after years of complaints by the citizens of Skowhegan who began to case attending summer concerts due to the uncomfortable evening spent on the hillside. This newer structure is a larger 20-foot octagonal one on level ground in the shade which now draws back many of the citizens and visitors who stopped attending the concerts during the warm summer months of the year.

"Lest We Forget"- Barbara Merrill Fox, author

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