Sturbridge Bandstand
Sturbridge Town Common
Built - 1995

Located in the center of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the town of Sturbridge is one of contrasts: home to the largest outdoor colonial history museum in the northeast - Old Sturbridge Village, and also the site of a growing high tech industry and the base for some of the pioneers in the fiber optic field.
On the Sturbridge Town Common, bands and other groups played for years prior to 1995, without the benefit of a bandstand but just on a stage usually being set up on the grass or on portable platforms. As time went on, it became apparent that a permanent structure was needed. However, it took over 26 years for their bandstand to become a reality because, after a series of public meetings, it was decided that an act of the legislature in the state would be needed. The idea died even though initially pursued by the Sturbridge Lions Club. Thankfully, the plan to have a new bandstand in the town never ended with members of the town's committee on building of a structure along with the Rotary Club who continued the idea and plans which had been drawn up and shelved. Some years later, at a concert in 1994, a stone mason from Sturbridge, Mr. Rosario Chamberland, stated he would like to build the bandstand and Robert Brier, a Lions Club member, said he still had the plans from 1969. From that point on, a crew of 5 local craftsmen stated they would donate their time and expertise in building a bandstand. In the summer of 1995, the project began and was completed soon after. Funding was made possible strictly from donations from citizens, the Rotary and Lions Club, and a major contribution by G & F Industries of $10.000 presented by Ann Marie and John Argitis.
The bandstand was constructed from plans of another bandstand located in North Grosvenordele, Connecticut. The structure is longer in width than in depth and can hold large bands seating 8-12 musicians in a row and 4-5 rows deep. The bandstand has accommodated plays, dance recitals and nativity pageants at Christmas time. A German Koppergehmitts band, Army Reserve Bands and other large and small bands have performed on the bandstand at one time or other.
Robert J. Briere, Chairman
Bandstand Committee

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