Judge Andrew Linscott Park
Built - 2002

Swampscott is a beach town north of Boston and was once an important destination for the wealthy who built large estates along the shoreline in the beginning of the 20th century. Large resorts and hotels were also built in the town in the 1800s but were destroyed due to fire or savage coastal storms. Originally the Native American Naumkeag tribe were the first ones to settle in the area since fishing and hunting abounded in this area they labeled "Land of the Red Rock."
The town was known as a seafaring fishing village and hosted a large commercial fishing fleet for many years with one out of three male residents being fishermen. Swampscott reached world-wide status as the place where Ebenezer Thorndike invented the lobster pot in 1808 which revolutionized lobster harvesting.
Swampscott's bandstand was built in 2002 as part of the town's 150th anniversary celebration and is of Victorian Revival style. In 1902 another bandstand was built for the town's 50th anniversary at "Blaney Beach Reservation"which stood for 15 years but ocean storm damage and the widening of Humphrey Street and the new wall caused its removal.
The bandstand has served as a venue for community events and is lit at night and has electrical access for whatever is needed. Since built there have been at least 3 to 4 concerts each year which includes rock or regular band music and between a soloist and 6 people can perform on its stage. A good number of town events have used its stage including the Strawberry Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Hadley Arts Festival, several craft fairs, childrens' days, private weddings and as a place for photo opportunities
Louis A. Gallo, Historian

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