Templeton Common
Built - 1989

The rural community of Templeton is located in western Massachusetts and is comprised of the villages of Templeton, Baldwinville and Otter River. The town has some industry which includes paper and printing but the major portion of the labor force commutes to Gardner and points east on Route #2. The community enjoys the Otter River State Forest which offers a very broad range of recreational activities.
Templeton began its construction on what is believed to be the third bandstand on the Templeton Common. The town's Lions Club chapter had a "Lion's share" in establishing a fund and plans for this bandstand of which designs developed as they went along. The structure ended up sitting on a 24-foot foundation and was strategically built on a corner of Templeton Common chosen so that bands would be able to play in entire audiences surrounding the structure on three sides. The proximity to residences was also considered and also situated where the view of the First Church located on the perimeter of the common was not obstructed. The Lions Club decided on erecting the bandstand after members of the Arts Council voiced concern about not having a stage for past concerts during the summer months.
The total cost of the bandstand ran between $10,000 to $12,000 and was raised through band concerts on the common and donations solicited by Lions Club members. The time, materials and back work were donated by local individuals, businesses and members of the Lions Club.
On Sunday, July 16th, 1989, the Lions Club dedicated the bandstand to the town and presented its first band concert with the Narragansett Community Band which consisted of adults and students from the Narragansett area being sponsored by the Narragansett Regional School District. This band has chosen the bandstand as their new summer home and they offer a typical community band fare including exciting marches to dramatic overtures and the music of Broadway, Latin and Pop numbers.
Dick Chaisson, Athol Town Historian

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