Townsend Bandstand
Townsend Common
Built - 1895

Townsend is a flourishing hub of antique shops with the Squannacod River flowing through it with a cold water fishery along its banks. The town was incorporated in 1732 and was named after Viscount Charles Townshend a British Cabinet Minister with the "h" dropped later and renamed Townsend in 1782.
Its venerable old bandstand was built in 1892 on the spacious Townsend Common being built by a Francis L. Spring. The structure replaced another bandstnad that had housed the Townsend Military Band. Captan Anson Fessenden financed around a half of the funds to build the structure with the citizens of Townsend raising the rest with the bandstand costing about $400 that year. On August 22, 1892, a special dedication ceremony was held on the new structure followed by a concert presented by the Townsend Military Band that was formed in 1838. From that point on, a special Memorial Day band concert has taken place on its stage along with Thursday evening concerts during the summer months.
The bandstand had been initially built at the front of the Common but was moved to its present location in 1932. In 1981, the structure was repaired and painted with the foundation and supports replaced but the outer structure has remained as it was originally built in 1892.
Office of the Town Clerk

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