The Westbrook Town Gazebo
Westbrook Town Green
Built - 1997

Westbrook is a town in Middlesex County, Connecticut and lies on the shoreline area of the state. The town has had 2 noted residents including David Bushell, the inventor of the submarine "Turtle" in 1742 and the famous Art Carney, an award-winning actor best known as one of the cast of the Honeymooners, who lived in Westbrook for some time until his death in a nursing home in Chester.
Westbrook is proud of its bandstand on the Town Green built in 1997 that was totally designed by the Drafting Class at the High School, and built by Dennis Allen and the Eagle Scouts as a project undertaken. Allen Clark was the contractor that helped build it raised by donations and other fund raisers for this town's center piece and meeting place. The structure has been used as a venue for concerts on the Green each summer and for a Christmas Tree Lighting festival and is the first one the town has had.

Rich Annino, Westbrook Recreation Director

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