Farrar Park
Built - 1880

Weston is a town that prides itself as being the prettiest village in Vermont. It is located just below the source of the West River nestled in a valley that is surrounded by the Green Mountains. The town's forefathers realized that the place was special and through their vision, it has remained almost untouched by time and is still guided by Yankee spirit and common sense.
The town has a few 18th century buildings remaining filled with everyday items that were used by 18th and 19th century Weston families and has two magnificent churches. It is also the home of the Weston Playhouse Theatre Company which is Vermont's oldest professional theatre company. It also has the famous Weston Priory, a Benedictine monastery where the Brothers are well-known for their beautiful music.
Weston's old bandstand, built in 1880, is a town landmark that stands in Farrar Park and is the original one the town has had. It was funded through subscriptions for the use of the Weston Cornet Band. The structure is the venue for weddings and photo opportunities as well as for community affairs, by political candidates and by actors and actresses from the community playhouse. The town is also the home of a bandwagon coach and is one of only 4 known still around and owned by the Farrar Park Association who consider it quite unique.

Leona L. Simonds, 1st Vice President
Farrar Park Association

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Anonymous said...

Weston is indeed among the prettiest towns in New England but what is really great is the friendliness there and all of the great places to "poke around". We rented a house there for a month in the summer and then returned for a week of skiing - it is just a wonderful town in a wonderful part of the state of Vermont!