Wrentham Common
Built - 1974

The town of Wrentham, originally called Wollomonopoag by Native Americans, has had a long and rich history with its beginnings taking place in 1660 when first settled by the English but later incorporated in 1673. The town was soon burned down in 1675 during the King Philip Wars but built itself up over the years to the thriving community it is today.
Wrentham's bandstand is located on the Wrentham Common being built in 1974 by members of the Wrentham Jaycees who utilized their spare time on weekends and early evenings in April to construct this Bicentennial bandstand to celebrate our country's 200th birthday. This project was in the planning stages for many months and began in earnest when permission was granted by the Board of Selectmen. This is the town's second bandstand on the common with the first just a stage supported by 6 columns on top of the 3-foot stage.
The bandstand has showcased many groups in the past and had to be resurrected by the long-awaited Sweatt Trust Fund in August of 1990 to continue the town's summer concert series. Prior to this, many residents were concerned that this concert series was in jeopardy since the bandstand couldn't be used for a number of years since deemed unsafe and became an eyesore for the community. The funding for the concert series was actually held up by a local bank who handled the Fund until a serious review of the trust had been made. Mr. Sweatt, who had moved to Wrentham towards the end of his life, was a wealthy manufacturer and benefactor in the town who left a $200,000 trust to be spent on entertainment and public improvements or luxuries not normally included in the town budget.
Over the years, from that point on, the monies earned from the fund had been spent on recreational facilities, the beach and downtown park but very little on the bandstand which fell into disrepair as stated. Then in February of 1999, the Wrentham Board of Selectmen voted to approve the Wrentham Holly Club's request to refurbish the bandstand. The Holly Club is a women's organization which raises funds for local charities and scholarships and raised the first $8,000 for the refurbishment project through an afghan sale from Wrentham residents which was a way in which many people were able to give back to their community.

Carol A. Mollica, Town Clerk

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