Ashland Ballpark
Built - 1951

Not only is Ashland, New Hampshire known for its past involvement in our country's Industrial Revolution but is also the home of some very historical individuals including George Hoyt Whipple who, in 1934, won the Nobel Prize in medicine. It is also the town where Revolutionary War heroes Captains Joseph Hicks and Samuel Gault lived along with one of the participants of the Boston Tea Party, Enoch Rogers.
Ashland has their bandstand located now at the outer edge of their baseball field although it had originally been situated in the downtown area but moved to its present location in the 1950s.
The large plain octagonal structure has simple posts, eaves and railings and was built by local contractor Colby Lyford after being planned by the Ashland Chamber of Commerce specifically for band concerts.
There has been some discussion of either removing or relocating the structure once again, as of this writing, to make room for an improved skating rink and more parking. Concerts haven't been held for several years now on the bandstand for a number of reasons, but the town has high hopes of bringing back these popular concerts once again at some point in time.

David Ruell, President
Ashland Historical Society

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