The Center Barnstead Bandstand
Built - 1938

Barnstead's 2nd bandstand is located in Center Barnstead near the fire station, and is more ornate than the town's other one located in Barnstead's "Parade" section of town. It is also an octagonal structure but with a higher concrete base, paneled concrete walls, wooden columns with molded bases and caps which hold up the octagonal roof. One of the residents of the town, Sam Feuerstein, who worked in a nearby store, believes that the bandstand was built in 1938 and was a gift of John Jenkins, a rural mail carrier, band member and leader, who also contributed to the building of the other bandstand. Mr. Feuerstein, and other residents of the town, do distinctly recall that the high base had once contained a small basement room with a sales window whereby refreshments, hot dogs, popcorn, popcorn balls and ice cream were sold out of the window to the audience during the concerts held there which have now ceased for many years with the Barnstead Parade Bandstand being used only by the town during summer concerts.

David Ruell, President
Ashland NH Historical Society

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