City Hall Square
Built - c. 1880

Barre, Vermont is known as "The Granite Center of the World" since it has quarried granite as far back as the 1700s. The granite that has been mined in the area is considered to be prized for its coloring and texture and has been used in countless number of statues and building facades. Even after mined for over 300 years now, it is estimated that there is still a 4,500 year supply of Barre gray granite still to be quarried out of the surrounding hills.
The town has quite a cultural heritage due to the influx of educated and sophisticated workers to the area who worked the granite over these 300 years with the town having many historic buildings, quality shops and fine restaurants. The famous Barre Opera House and Socialist Labor Hallhave both been restored to its architectural integrity and are both funcional.
City Hall Square, where the bandstand is located, was once the hub of what was called Lower Village and is at the junction of two old post and stage roads. At one time the area was sparsely populated and partially cleared. In 1794, at a town meeting, it was voted that "the swine should not run at large the present year," and that the common area should be developed. Early records in 1801 indicates the presence of a log cabin on the grounds, the first framed schoolhouse and the Methodist Meeting House.
Barre's first bandstand was then built on these grounds between 1873 and 1882 and has been used extensively since. The only information gathered is that it has endured several renovations over the years with the most recent one being in 1975 when it was relocated to the very center of the common.

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