Bellingham Town Common
Built - 1997

The southeastern Massachusetts town of Bellingham has often been described as the typical "bedroom community" but in its long history has been shown to have shouldered the workload when needed and provided soldiers during times of war.
In the spring of 1997, the town decided, through public and private funds and state reimbursements, to build a 28-foot diameter Victorian bandstand in the very center of their beautiful common area. The bandstand, upon completion, seemed to be the final finishing touch within their lush and green park and fit in perfectly with this landscaped plot of land for all to enjoy. Many concerts, weddings, plays and awards ceremonies have since been held on the town's structure and immediately became a tremendous asset to the town.
The bandstand is the second one in Bellingham with the first demolished in the 1800s with the area it stood on replaced by a combination police/fire station in the center of town.
G. Stevens Scheffor, Chairman
Town Common Trustees

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