Boothbay Common
Built - 1994

Boothbay is a bustling New England seacoast town which boasts having one of the best harbors on the Maine coast. Not only, by boat is it easy to enter the harbor but it is large and well protected. This is the reason why the town bustles during the summer months. Many visitors chose Boothbay and its harbor due to the many shops and restaurants there and also to take part in "Windjammer Days" which involves activities in the harbor as well as arts and crafts, fairs, Rotary Club auctions, Children's Festivals and during July 4th, a spirited celebration. Memorial and Veterans Day activities are also a draw during the off-season.
Boothbay's well-built bandstand sits on Boothbay Common being built in 1994 by Wood Visions Inc. The structure was financed by the Boothbay Civic Association, Town of Boothbay, and many fund raisers. The structure is built on a granite foundation and is 8-sided with a ceiling, cupolas and brick veneering and has been built sturdily and will last for years. It is the first structure the town has had during its long history.
Many bands have performed on its stage including the Boothbay Community Band, Clarion Steel Band, the Gardiner Band and the Lincoln Arts Choral Group, to name a few. Also the bandstand has played host to many individual performers, weddings, church events, gatherings, etc. Many of the town's community events which included the mentioning of arts and crafts fairs, auction and holiday celebrations are either on the structure or around it on the Boothbay Common.

Martha Reed. Town Clerk

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