Central Park
Built - 1988

Brandon became an important mill town after being chargered in 1761 having both saw and grist mills on over 20 sites. Also the production of stoves and other iron products were produced in the area due to the abundance of local iron ore. With the Burlington-Rutland Railroad running through the town after 1849, Brandon also became a center for the manufacture of railroad cars. The area was also a major marble quarrying area at one time.
Brandon has two village greens with the Neshobe River flowing between them and during the boom years of the 19th century, many fine homes were built with most of them still in use to this day.
The town is also the birthplace and childhood home of the famed 19th century statesman Steven A. Douglas who is most renowned for the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. Also Thomas Davenport, an inventor of the electric motor, although never achieving fame for his invention dying penniless, was born and lived in the town.
On one of the town's village greens, called Central Park, sits Brandon's well-built bandstand which was completed in 1988 and is one of many the town has had. This most recent structure was built by the Brandon area Chamber of Commerce to replace the deteriorated previous bandstand in the park through donations and contributed help and materials. When the new bandstand was built, the Chamber of Commerce scheduled the work party with the first job being the dismantling of the old bandstand. It was then realized that the town owners of the old structure had never been contacted or asked permission to take it down which caused some embarrassment on their part.
The Chamber of Commerce sponsors a free summer concert series every season with different bands playing each year. The bandstand also plays host to the July 4th parade and activities, Memorial Day commemorations, the Great Bandon Auction, Harvest Festivals, September 11th commemmorations and Memory Tree Festivities with Santa Claus.

Janet Mondiak, Executive Director
Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce

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