Esteyville Bandstand
Estey Section
Built - 1910

Brattleboro is blessed with another bandstand in the Esteyville section of the city where once stood the Estey Organ Company. This structure was built with an 8-foot foundation to house the fire fighting cart and is a hexagonal structure located in the former Fuller Park, so named after Levi K. Fuller who was an officer of the company and a former governor of Vermont. The park is a small triangular tract of land where Estey, Chestnut and Pleasant Streets meet.
The bandstand has played host to many neighborhood events in this closely-knit community. Concerts, suppers, childrens' games have been some of the events on the bandstand in its almost 100 years of existence, as of this writing, and has always given the neighborhood residents a location to get together and enjoy each others company during the summer months.

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