Washington Park
Built - 1884

Bridgeport is Connecticut's largest city and combines its rich history as of a powerful industrial center with a wide diversity of people and cultures. The city was also known as the "Arsenal of Democracy" during World War 2 for its strong manufacturing base and has most recently been named as one of America's "100 Best Communities for Young People" due to its strong efforts in creating a healthy and safe environment for its children. The city is also known as the "Park City" due to a number of spectacular parks including the Seaside Park and Beardsley Park both designed by the famous Frederick Olmstead of Central Park fame.
Washington Park in Bridgeport is located in a physically deteriorating neighborhood in this large Connecticut city. It is a 500 foot square plot of land ringed by sidewalks and bounded by four wide streets. In the center of this space there is a cast-iron bandstand which was constructed in 1884 after designed by the Bridgeport architectural firm of Palliser, Palliser and Company. Sidewalks string out from this imposing structure which has always been the central point of the park with these walking lanes lined by shade trees of elm, linden and maple in matching pairs. A very simple cast-iron fence borders the park and of which was erected in 1865.
Efforts are under way to restore the Washington Park and neighborhood to its once grandeur style which was the pride of Bridgewport years ago and a very desirable place to live.
Unfortunatley, there is not much information available on the very old bandstand in the middle of the park but it can safely be said that in its heyday, it was the venue for many wonderful concerts.

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