The Bublick Theatre
Christian Herter Park
Built - 1973

Located in a little-known park on the banks of the Charles River, called the Christian Herter Park in the Brighton section of Boston, is the Publick Theatre which is an amphitheatre set off from the rest of the park. The area the amphitheatre is situated is separated by a quaint moat giving the area a rather medieval feeling. The theatre houses Boston's oldest theatre company which bears the same name, and produced many Shakespearean plays and musicals during the summer months.
The seating is all benches and is open to the elements and the bugs in the park however, but the quality of the entertainment far outweighs any minor distractions, making the evening a very pleasurable and entertaining one. The lights may need some refocusing a bit and the dialogue is sometimes lost when the actors turn away from the audience, but there is a special feeling during the performances that everyone is an integral part of the performances.
"One of the great pleasures of going to outdoor theatre is the natural setting. Just as the play begins, the natural light diminishes, the stage lights come on. Theater under the stars - it's a summer sweetness in bloom." - John Lehman, The Patriot Ledger, June 26,2001.
The Christian Herter Park is called "The Jewel on the Charles" since the Community Garden is among the oldest and largest one in the country with over 70 plots and 200 gardeners.

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