Brookfield Common
Built - 1998

The town of Brookfield is located in central Massachusetts within the Worcester County Region. It is a quiet town which derived its name because of it being situated in a meadow with a stream. Life is quiet in Brookfield other than during the town's major event, the annual Apple Country Fair, which comes each October.
Brookfield's bandstand is a 20-foot Victorian-style octagonal structure situated on Brookfield's Commons directly in the middle of town. This eye-catching bandstand was completed in May of 1998 by Kloter Farms of Ellington, Connecticut after being financed by the Brookfield Community Club through capital funds received from the sale of artwork which was donated by a local artist, Jacob Knight. The Brookfield Community Club also raised funds for the building of the structure through memorial donations by families listed on "plaques" on the inner portion of the bandstand which is part of the roof's support. The cost of their bandstand was $10,400 with an additional $800 for electrical work and $3,000 for "aprion" brickwork mostly received through memorial donations. The bandstand is supported by heavy-duty 6X6 posts which were pre-wired.
After the completion of the town's bandstand, the Brookfield Community Club dedicated it to the citizens of the town during a large ceremony which took place in October of 1998 which also marked Brookfield's 325th anniversary during the town's Apple Country Fair.
The bandstand has held a number of concerts in the summer with blue grass and country rock music. It is also used for Boy Scout meetins as well as for general public and community events. In the winter time, it is adorned with a Christmas tree and lights.
State Senator Steve Brewster and Representative Dave Tuttle have been notables on the bandstand which stands proudly in their large common area and has been a welcomed addition to the town since built.

Phillip Peirce, Vice Chair
Brookfield Community Club

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