Sometimes wouldn't you like to go back in time to those "Good Ole Days" of serene times with family and friends enjoying a band concert on the town's green. Those were the days when you had very little to do and had more time to enjoy the finer things in life which included more time outside having a picnic lunch while sitting in front of your community's bandstand enjoying local musicians proudly play their well-rehearsed music. Young people today will say that those days were archaic as compared to today's world being smaller because of an advanced communication network which draws so many of us to our computers during the warm summer days and nights of summer. Much social activity amongst people of civilized worlds, who can now boast of having at least one computer in their household, has dwindled with bonding time with family and friends decreased immensely.
Many communities still pride themselves in their summer concert series and will readily pass out programs to attract large crowds to their concerts. So, my advice to you is to find out just where and when these wonderful concerts are held and enjoy a free summer afternoon or evening out with your family - and for god's sake --- get away from your computer!!!

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