Danvers Rotary Pavilion
Mill Pond
Built - 1999

Danvers, with its famous Danversport, served an extremely important function during the time of the American Revolution when it acted as a shipping and shipbuilding center. Later, a diverse group of new immigrants lived and also worked in its nationally famous brick and leather tanning industries and a growth in its shoe industry, along with farming with its still famous, Danvers Onion. Elegant country estates still survive in Danvers and its downtown area still sports the town's period architecture.
With this in mind, the Danvers Rotary Club took on its biggest and most complex project ever since they were organized in 1923, and that was in the planning and building of their pavilion on the banks of the Mill Pond. Enthusiastic support was immediately gained by all of the Rotary Club members as well as the citizens of the town. Not only did the construction of the pavilion come about but also the restoration of the Mill Pond area was accomplished.
The project planning began in August of 1996 and finalized on June 29, 1999 with the formal dedication of the structure by the Danvers Rotary Club before approximately 2,500 people who enjoyed a wonderful and lively concert by the Bedford-based U. S. Air Force Band of Liberty under the direction of Major Alan C. Sierichs. It was a very festive evening with hamburgers, hot dogs, cold drinks, balloons, tee shirts, popcorn and cotton candy being sold by Rotarians to the countless families in attendance. Fortunately, threatening clouds held off during the evening until the dedication ceremonies by the proud Rotarians and concert was completed.
The Danvers Rotary Club, with all of their hard work in making this project possible, presented this Danvers Rotary Pavilion to the town of Danvers to commemorate their 75 years of service to the community in hopes that many generations of Danvers families and other visitors would enjoy its use.
Danvers Rotary Club

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