Effingham NH
Lord's Hill Common
Built - 1880

Effingham was first settled by the Leavitt family of Hampston who were led by CPT John Leavitt who was an officer who participated in the French and Indian Wars at Lake George NY. The town was originally named Leavitts Town in 1749 but was changed in 1778 by Governor Wentworth in honor of the Howard family who were earls of Effingham, England and who were realted to the Governor by marriage.
The oldest bandstand in the state of New Hampshire is reputed to be in Effingham on Lord's Hill village built in 1880 according to the Lord's Hill Church. The bandstand and common area is owned by the church but the details and history of the bandstand is quite sketchy. It was apparently financed by a private fund raising campaign with some of the villagers contributing to the building of it.
The Lord's Hill Bandstand is a relatively simple square structure with a high base and a pyramid-shaped roof.

David Ruell, President
Ashland Historical Society

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