Joseph E. O'Connor Gazebo
Enfield Town Green
Built - 1984

The town of Enfield is 18 miles north of Hartford and named and incorporated by the Colony of Massachusetts in 1683 and then annexed to Connecticut in 1749. The Bigelow Sanford Company was located in the town at one time and was one of the nation's largest carpet manufacturing concern at that time. The town also was the home of the Hazard Powder Company, who manufactured gunpowder during the Civil War and the Crestline Boat Company which was a subsidiary of the Bigelow Sanford Company. The town is also located in the Tobacco Valley which produced a large crop in the early days of the 19th century and back.
Enfield's bandstand was built on the Town Green in 1984 and so dedicated to Joseph O'Connor who was the mayor of the town from November 1981 to February 1985. Planning for the building of this bandstand took place for a period of 2 years by various groups and individuals. It was felt that a "gazebo" would be a focal point in the town which was needed and would be a viable facility that could be used for various social events. It was felt that it would also afford a year-round location for outdoor community cultural and ceremonial activities establishing a sense of community pride in Enfield. It would also serve as a showplace for the many talented musicians, artists and performers of all ages. Thus the town of Enfield established its very successful Enfield Gazebo Fund in January of 1983 and over $33,000 in donations was received. The groundbreaking was finally held at the end of July of 1983 and the project was completed in September, 1983.
The structure is octagonal with a brick base that supports a balustrade. Wooden posts and brackets support the conical roof, which is covered with wooden shingles. Atop the roof is a bronze weathervane in the shape of a drummer boy.

Dorothy Flanders, Cheryl Beturne
Enfield Public Library &
Jean Blaser, Town Hall

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