Ivoryton Village Green Park
Built - 1997

The Ivoryton section of Essex, Connecticut became a leader in the ivory industry during the Industrial Revolution after originally being an important area for the production of hand-made sailing ships. A Mr. Samuel M. Comstock firmly established that section of town into an ivroy bi-product producing area when in 1862, he went into partnership with George Cherry and formed the prestigious Comstock, Chery & Company. The large factory they established turned out piano actions and keyboards, as well as other ivory artifacts for years. It was literally the center of this business in the United States at that time.
Ivoryton got its name in the 1880s, originally having been known as West Centerbrook. During World War 2, the company changed hands and renamed Pratt-Read and changed the production line to produce gliders for the war effort employing thousands of residents in the area.
Ivoryton's bandstand was built on the Ivoryton Village Green Park in 1997 by the local Eagle Scouts and funded by contributions from individuals, businesses and the Ivoryton Lion's Club. The only problem in the building of the structure was that it took the Eagle Scouts much longer to build it as anticipated but it was a learning experience for them.

Don Malcarne, Town Historian

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